homeopathy1Homeopathy is a safe, effective system of natural medicine, used by millions of people worldwide for more than 200 years. HOMEO= similar or like. PATHY= suffering or disease. The founder of homeopathy was Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German scientist based on his observations, he formulated the so-called PRINCIPLE OF SIMILARITY, which states that a given substance can cure in a diseased person the symptoms that it produces or causes in a healthy person.

According to the homeopathic way of thinking, a disease originates from a disturbance of the patient’s “vital force”. This is the life force energy that sustains life. As the origin of disease occurs on this energetic level, the homeopathic remedy has also to be on this level.

homeopathy2Such an energetic medicine is made by diluting the remedy and succussing (shaking) it. All homeopathic medicines are “potentized”, i.e., diluted and succussed. This method of preparation imparts considerable energy to each substance. Homoeopathic medicines are used in the form of mother tinctures, small pills, powders and distilled water. They have the distinct advantage of being free from side effects.

The Homeopathy Department of Chennai Heritage Hospital is headed by Dr. Meenakashi, Senior Physician and a graduate in the field of Homeopathy, Dr. Santhosh Babu B.H.M.S. is a consultant and both of them run the department efficiently.