Preventive Programs

Department of Preventive Medicine

The Department of preventive Medicine, offers preventive and promotive healthcare programs individualised to the needs of each patient. Leverging the strength of Ayurveda and siddha in helping the person retain good health and longivity, the team at the Department of Preventive medicine have crafted a number of preventive Healthcare programs integrating Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga , Naturopathy, Diet, Fitness and relaxation.

The process for a full fledged preventive healthcare program begins with a detailed assessment of the risk profile of a person, by integrating the information obtained from a Master Healthcheck-up which might have already been performed or specially ordered for, with a detailed Ayurvedic assessment of bodily constitution. A comprehensive profile is drawn-up and a detailed program is drawn up to mitigate the risks. The program is designed and delivered in several formats to suit the convenience of different categories of patients.

The interventions comprise of

  • Advice on Diet suited to one’s constitution.
  • Daily and Seasonal Routines and regimen.
  • Yoga & Fitness programs tailor-made for each person
  • Certain medicines to tune-up certain systems of the body or to correct the imbalances

Therapies for Detoxification, De-stressing and retarding Degeneration which help the immune system, slow down ageing and retard the progress of degeneration of the various tissues of the body and helps one keep himself mentally relaxed and fit.

Rasayana – Herbs or Herbal preparations to retard ageing.
Formats for the Therapy sessions
One can choose the different formats like having a full program lasting two to three weeks in one shot once a year or to have two or three sessions lasting a week each or one session for a week to ten days followed by a few weekend sessions spread over the year.   For extremely busy persons the therapy sessions can also be performed as extended weekend sessions spread through the year.

Working Days and Consultation Timing
Monday to Saturday
10.00 AM – 1.30 PM & 4.00 PM – 7.30 PM
10.00 AM to 1.30 PM

Instructions to Patients

  • Please bring your previous medical records, USG reports, MRI sheets, Blood test reports and details of Medication when you come for the consultation.Please book your appointments before coming for Consultation.
  • Please reach atleast 10 minutes before your scheduled therapy.
  • Please inform the reception as early as possible if you are not able to reach in time for a therapy for some unavoidable reason.
  • Please strictly follow the instructions given by your physician to get the best results.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification in case you have any doubts.

The following Preventive Healthcare programs are offered.

  • Comprehensive mind and body fitness programs
  • Detoxification programs
  • Stress relief programs
  • Rejuvenation programs
  • Anti-ageing program
  • Immunity enhancement program
  • Program for cardiac health
  • Weight management & Fitness program
  • Skin and Beauty care program
  • Women’s health program
  • The Bone and Muscle Health Program