Speciality Clinics

Our Hospital Out Patient Department functions from 9.00 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 8.00 pm on all days.Specialised care is offered for important diseases through speciality clinics. The Special Care is offered through pain Clinic




  • Pain Clinic
  • Asthma Clinic
  • Ulcer Clinic
  • Obesity Clinic
  • Thyroid Clinic
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Infertility Clinic
  • Gynaec Clinic
  • Cancer Clinic
  • Psoriasis & Skin Clinic
  • Liver and GallBladder Clinic

DE ADDICTION CLINIC: Addiction as a disease affects every aspect of the afflicted person’s life, at the physical and mental level, in relationships, and even causes the person to lose all sense of morality. The disease has a way of recurring and only a total change in attitude can bring any meaningful recovery. We at CHH provide residential and non- residential treatments for Psychiatric Management of Addictions like alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling and other mental illnesses. Our outpatient services include evaluation, treatment planning and counselling, to prevent relapse, individual and family counseling and monitoring of progress.

VARMA CLINIC: Certain remedies can be near magical. Varma is one such therapy that can give miraculous results in minutes. We at CHH have Varma Clinic headed by Dr.Ramachandran B.S.M.S. and Dr.Deepak M.D.(Ayurveda) to handle difficult and challenging Pain and Neuro diseases efficiently.

PAIN CLINIC: Of pain you could wish only one thing: that it should stop. Nothing in the world is so bad as physical pain. We understand this very well and hence offer you a dedicated Pain Clinic to manage all your pains.

CANCER CLINIC: We at CHH Provide special treatments for Cancer with evidence based clinical practices. Our MD Dr. A. Ramalingam B.I.M. had served in Central Research institute in siddha [CCRIS] for more than 25 years and got retired as its Director. His main area of research during his government service was cancer and Psoriasis. He earned his name and fame in cancer research due to which he was invited to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Malaysia right from 1985 to treat cancer patients and give lectures and awareness programs. With his expertise, we at CHH have devised specific clinical protocols to manage cancer, its effects and side effects effectively.

ASTHMA CLINIC: love is not what take you by surprise and leaves you totally breathless, it’s ASTHMA. We at Chennai heritage hospital provide complete care for asthma. Our therapies work not only to provide relief instantly but also to cure the disease by improving your immunity and resistance power.

INFERTILITY CLINIC: The moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens..don’t give up. We at CHH have specific protocols in dealing with infertility, we treat patients as couples no matter either of whom the problem lies and hence the results are always positive.

LIVER CLINIC: we believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is healthy “you”. At CHH we have specific treasured formulae to help to recover from all the damages that you have given to your liver, spleen.

DIABETIC CLINIC: Diabetes is like a roller coaster. It has its and downs, but its your choice to scream or enjoy the ride. We at CHH help you to enjoy the ride to prevent complications.

ULCER CLINIC: Some wounds won’t heal on their own and when that happens you need to come see a specialist at CHH. We offer special treatments and dietary plans to heal your ulcers traumatic or even diabetic.

SKIN CLINIC: Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness. This is why we at Chennai heritage hospital have a separate division called HERBEAUTE. HERBeaute offers wide range of programs and packages for all your skin, hair and beauty needs.

OBESITY CLINIC: Be the best version of you. We at CHH – HERBeaute Department have unique customized packages and also encourage you to maintain healthy life style through life enhancing activities.

THYROID CLINIC: your illness does not define you, your strength and courage does. We at CHH, have special treatments to regulate your hormones and also will help to strengthen your immune system naturally.

GYNAEC CLINIC: feel proud to be women. Don’t engage yourself upset during periodical menstrual issues…win your discomfort with challenge. We at CHH provide complete care for your all your feminine health issues.